Loopster Home Page


  1. How to sign up/Create a username
    • To sign up with creating a loopster account, use the “Register” link located at the top right of the “Getting Started” page
    • To sign in with facebook, simply click the “Login with Facebook” image on the Home or Getting Started Page
  2. How to integrate your Facebook account with an existing Loopster account
    • Log in with you Loopster account and go to “Edit My Profile” on the Left. From here click the “Connect with facebook account” link and login with your facebook. Afterwhich simply click the Login with Facebook to log in to Loopster
  3. How to upload videos/photos/audio.
    • Log in to Loopster and the go to Upload Media. You can select multiple files to upload, or choose from sound effects and movies from the SFXSource.com links at the bottom of the page.
  4. How do I edit a video
    • Check out the how to video here
  5. Can I share my video directly to Facebook and youtube?
    • Yes, In just one click! Simply login with facebook and click the Facebook icon below any video to post directly to your wall.
  6. How long can I make each video
    • We currently allow for 10 minute videos in our editor
  7. How will I know when a video is ready for me to view and share?
    • You will be notified with an email, as well as a pop up notification at the top of every page letting you know your video is now ready. Most videos will be ready in only a few short minutes.
  8. What Are Loops?
    • Loops are groups of people with a set of permissions like “Friends”, “Family” and Loopster yours you want to follow or that are following you.
  9. How can I change my password and other personal information?
    • Log in to Loopster and go to “Edit My Profile” on the left. From here you can change your password or other information for your Loopster account.
  10. Where can I find more about your privacy policy
    • The bottom over every page has a link, or go here
  11. How can I add a video to my favorites.
    • Below every video is "Add to Favorites", click that and the video is automatically added to your favorites Loop
  12. How can I add sound effects to my video?
    • Loopster provides over 600 high quality sound effects courtesy of SFXSource.com. They can be found in the Audio tab in the editor under "Sound Effects"
  13. Invite Friends to Loopster
    • Clicking the "Invite Facebook Friends" link from the left navigation will allow you to invite your friends to Loospter with a personal message.
  14. Editing Information about your Video/Audio/Picture
    • To edit the information about each video/audio/picture such as the name, description and permissions, select My Uploads from the left navigation, then click the “edit” located under each piece of media.
  15. Factoids:
    • You can choose to log into Loopster by using your Facebook account by clicking "Login with Facebook"!
    • Pick a Loopster username when you sign up and it will appear below your videos.
    • Posting directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others is only one click away!
    • Editing your videos from mobile devices is quick and easy with Loopster. Then share your them with your friends and family.