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Loopster creates cutting-edge online video editing software that puts Hollywood-studio capabilities in the hands of users everywhere. Loopster's video editing software doesn't need to be downloaded, meaning you can upload and edit your videos from any computer in the world. And, with our iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps, you can literally use Loopster anywhere you go.

Our editor was designed to be the absolute easiest video editor available. Loopster's intuitive interface guarantees that you don't have to have video editing experience to create amazing videos. Yet, Loopster offers more features than any other editor available.

Bill Baird
CEO, Cofounder

Bill holds a B.S. C.I.S.M. is an advocate for technology and inspiring the world to be empowered via video. Bill believes everyone has a story, and the best way to tell a story is through visuals such as video. He created Loopster as a gateway for creative, inventive and powerful storytelling. He loves creating family vacation videos of his lovely wife and daughter's competitions as she aspires to become an Olympic swimmer.

Nate Olech

Nate Olech is a Loospter cofounder and plays the role of a technical expert of the growing Loopster team. He has spent 10 years in IT doing all kinds of innovative and new things in the world of cloud computing. He loves the outdoors and being a pilot in the brand-new sport of drone racing via First Person View flying! Imagine flying through trees and around obstacles at 40 mph. Nate takes this "on the edge" spirit to Loopster to innovate and drive ideas forward.

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