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We all know the importance of education: The more engaged the students are, the more passionate they become about learning. Loopster's Education Package is designed to create a dynamic, hands-on classroom environment in which students collaborate, get creative and learn.

Loopster's ultra-intuitive video editing interface engages students to work together as a team and learn in a new, interactive way.Teachers can use Loopster in any discipline, from history to science to drama classes. Students have created movie clips by acting out a scene from a book, created animations detailing how to work a science experiment, and made how-to videos for how to work out a math problem. With Loopster, the options to add to your educational program are endless.

Loopster's video editor is so easy to use, students don't need to have any previous video editing experience or technical know-how — and neither do you!  Teaching your students how to use the video editing and storage tools Loopster provides is simple. Loopster's feature-rich platform helps your students' imagination and creativity run wild. EZ Editing technology will let them do any number of interesting and creative things including rotating, cropping, splicing, zooming and slowing down animation.

Even if you have never used a video editing platform before, adding video fragments, overlaying music and stylish titles and multiple clips together with animated transitions is easy to do with Loopster.

Students will have the video editing tools to create a demo video, a project with voice-over commentary, a video message for presentations, or animations illustrating certain scientific points. There are plenty of examples all over the web of how video can be used for educational purposes.

Thanks to Loopster's 100 GB of Cloud Based Storage, students can work on the project together at school and then collaborate separately at home without risk of breaking or losing the all-important flash drive or other external storage device. Loopster provides an admin panel for teachers so that they can supervise and check on the progress of students' work.

Watch What Loopster Can Do

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  • Multi-Student Collaboration
  • Voiceover Commentary
  • Presentation Videos
  • Animation & Illustrating
  • Student-To-Teacher Sharing
  • Robust Teacher Dashboard

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