What is the difference between My Projects and My Published Movies?
My Projects are the saved projects that you are working on in the Loopster video editor. If you click on a project under My Projects, it will open the Loopster editor so you can continue editing your video. When your project is done, exporting it will create your final movie and save it to the My Published Movies section.
If I delete a video, is it gone forever?
Yes, so please be careful!
What happens when I run out of space?
You'll need to upgrade your plan. When you are out of space, you will lose access to the video editor. You should either upgrade your plan to the Plus plan or Movie Producer plan. You can also remove old videos.
Why am I limited to only 3GB on my Free Loopster account?
3GB is a great introductory level for most users. You'll get a taste of what Loopster can do for you. We encourage you to upgrade your planonce you're ready to access all of Loopster's great features as well as more storage space.
How do I get rid of the Loopster watermark on my completed projects?
Upgrading to our Plus or Movie Producer plans gives you a watermark-free video and 720p quality. For free accounts, there is an option when sharing to pay $1.99 to have the watermark removed.
Which file types are accepted?
VIDEO: 3gp, 3g2, avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, wmv, webm
AUDIO: mp3, wav
IMAGES: png, jpg
How can I tell what plan I have?
Your current plan is located on the My Projects page to the left of your space usage bar. After logging in, you can also click Plans & Pricing at the top of the page to see which plan you have.
How do I opt out of emails sent from Loopster.com?
Click on Account in the top right then Settings. On this popup, you will find a check mark to opt out of our newsletter.
How do I update my password?
Facebook-integrated accounts do not have a password and thus cannot be changed. For Loopster accounts, click on Account to change your password.
How can I see what other people are creating with Loopster?
As a Loopster member, you'll have access to our Members Portal, where you can see videos other users have submitted as well as submit your own!




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